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lunes, julio 28, 2008

Los Angeles Day 1/2

Finally made it to L.A. This Air France flight has been the worse I have had in all my travelling experience, and I have travelled everywhere. First the Paris thing. I ended up in the Eiffel Tower by myself. Have you ever felt weird by just being somewhere you were not supposed to be?
You make this whole scheulde in your head and something happens, and you get it all twisted.

At least the tower was amazing. And at night this view rocked and was worth every euro I spent on two cabs... from nowhere to the Eiffel Tower, and from the Eiffel Tower to nowhere.

By the way FUCK B&B Roissy hotel.

And from Germany with love, bombing the city with the best stickers ever...

...thanks Kazuma!

sábado, julio 26, 2008

Trapped in Paris

What happens when some frenchies decide to be on strike for some hours and make an Air France plane delay for 3 hours? What happens is that you get stuck in the middle of somewhere's hotel with a non working Tv and a lot of pissed people with you (not in the room,in the hotel i mean).

Lost connection to my L.A flight and will delay one day.Never ever this happened to me before. Funny thing is being 2 hours in a cue to get another flight and rescue the situation I meet this girls, one of them when she found out had to stay one night in Paris started crying and left the place.

Viva Air France...

But checking Eiffel tower tonight!

jueves, julio 24, 2008


For some of you trying to enter from www.worldwide1977.com, everything is going to be undr works for some days as the whole site is going to change. I feel as this blogger.com page is not enough and that I need a total makeover.
So stay tuned... as this will change soon.

Worldwide website 2.0 coming...

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lunes, julio 21, 2008

New editorial contributions

I love writing. I love publishing stuff. No matter how stupid a subject might sound, if you write about it in a good way, it will "look" good. Thats the power of the press. I have been shooting and writing for magazines for years, from spanish, japanese, english, american, french to german mags. For a long period of my life I was a heavy contributor for many magazines, mostly skateboarding, but also fashion, newspapers, or even fanzines. And I loved it.
For some reasons I stopped. An urge to find myself forced me to stop shooting photos, writing and everything in between, and here I am, a couple years later coming back to the publishing world with the new UNO magazine articles:

This is my review for the amazing FX35 from Panasonic I did. I have a gadget review section and I will be reviewing gadgets every issue based on my everyday use. The Fx35, despite what they say, it has the same optics as the Leica cam. Different branding that is...

The "shoppinG" section where I review different stupid shit I find in every city I visit. Next one will be Los Angeles maybe, or even Madrid, who knows. Is just small stuff that makes a city full. In this case I did New York, and you cant go wrong with the brownies, the Supreme hat or the Nintendo pez, oh, and of course the STARKS laces!

And Leah from MOB, full interview and article about the brand. More coming.

jueves, julio 17, 2008

Planetbase vist

I paid a little visit to the people at Planetbase in Barcelona. back in the day I was working with them and together we launched the skateboard mag "UNO".
It has rained a lot since then, and today had a business meeting.
Some pics of their offices.

martes, julio 15, 2008


My good friends at Los Angeles brand FOREIGN FAMILY reppin the "Worldwide Marathon" tee with Bobby Hundreds who finally answered one of my mails. Im heading to their land soon on biz related trip.
Stay tuned Los Angeles, WORLDWIDE coming...

And this is the new window display (one of them), that Foreign Family did for ATTIC store in San Diego. Good job guys.
By the way, I will be packing SUPER light on my L.A trip so Chad and Yoshi get on work and produce some more of those sweat shorts in more colorways because I want them all.

domingo, julio 13, 2008


I am in Frankfurt for the "bright" tradeshow.Its locared in an old
police station in the middle city and every brand has a room.there are
a LOT of rooms, can't think why a police station had this many rooms.
Lot of brands,lot of crap, lots of girls promoting, and some homies
around like the Akomplice guys, dream team, Chris from Freshjive, and
all the SB fam.
And tonight I will be back home ready for a goodbye dinner spanish style with tapas and good food.

And working a little bit in this hotel room wont hurt me. I really enjoy working at hotels. They are peaceful, and they always have nice tables to work at, oh, and a lot of natural light.
So Im here working now on some internet stuff and some stuff coming soon as promo.
Thanks for all the emails ordering the "Amy" tee, never thought it would be such a smash hit! Thanks.
shipping 1st week of august.

martes, julio 08, 2008


Highsnobiety blog talking about the tee. Thanks man. By the feedback Im getting with this one...looks some people is feeling the Amy thing. Good.

lunes, julio 07, 2008

"Amy is the new Sid"

New T-Shirt from WORLDWIDE. This time is the infamous Amy Winehouse the star of the tee mixed with the dead Sex Pistols bass player Sid Vicious.
Abuse, use, and all the cliches that some of todays youth are on these days. This tee is just a call out to what happens when you play with dangerous stuff.... Amy is the new Sid.

Accepting orders this week only. Shipments will be 1st week of august.

Sizes from S to XL. Color black. And this one, being extremely limited will come with Worldwide stickers in every tee.
EMAIL: worldwide1977@mac.com


Jeff Staple posted some pics in his blog and asked readers to match the pics with the text. Heres my part...
By the way, excellent salad and steak. See you soon.

Chad, you still here man, tonight we go to have a final dinner with your Bruce Lee look, and then we kick you out of our country.

domingo, julio 06, 2008

We all have dreams. One of mine was to develop, grow and do something out of my heart, my skills and my passion and I called it WORLDWIDE.
Worldwide was born, and then my stuff was sold in Digitalgravel.com, Supreme NYC, Reed Space, a shop in Russia, some shops in Spain, and few other stockists around, and this dream came true.
I will always remember the comment of this fool who called himself my friend and said "I shit on Ivan's tees".
After that, I have been pushing a trillion more buttons to keep all this big machine working. Im not just doing tees now, but this tee shirt game is the last on my priorities now, as me and my team we doing website building, graphic design and anything possible to keep stacking the goodies. The tee game is what I have fun with, so this will always go on.
Still a few tees from last season at DG! Hurry up!
With that in mind, two new projects coming out this month: The Digital Gravel water Project and the "Amy is the new Sid" ultra limited t-shirt dropping exclusively at DIGITAL GRAVEL.

Dreams are still alive. Im just trying to expand. And its working. Just updating you all on the mails Im getting asking for more Worldwide stuff... its coming!

Thanks to all my friends, fam, you all know who you are. The L.A family, always and forever guys. This is just getting better every minute, and I dont have to be "cool" to get there.

sábado, julio 05, 2008


So yesterday was the last day of B&Butter. Thank god.
The weather is really hot, really humid, and there's a lot of people in the city. It just stresses me out.
Few friends in town, so what best than kicking it with them? Chad, Nima and Buba we just recordered some video at these guys apartment in the ghetto streets of Barcelona. You will see it up soon.
Im there just letting them know how to use a washing machine and talking about new projects, and what the inspiration and shit about them.
Yesterday went to the Trustnobody party, hella fun. We all were there, thanks Tonete was great.
Chad has been updating day by day, better check his blog out.

Thats it for me. Tomorrow Im out to the beach.
Monday back to office number 1, then office number 2, and another day...

Ruth's boots for the night.Patent leather and high heels.What what?!

Isaac, blogger extraordinaire rocking the Hustlers Marathon tee!

This guy asked me in the bar some random questions, heres the transcription of the chat we had:
Guy: "Wow man, amazing Tshirt from Supreme you wearing! kermit! yeaaaaaah!"
Me: ".......thanks......"
Guy: "What brand you from?"
Me: "What brand? Well, Im from Barcelona and I have this brand called WORLDWIDE"
Guy (Completely excited although he has no clue about my brand): "Wow man, you are amazing"
Me: "Are you serious?...Thanks"
Guy: "You have a business card with you?"
Me: "No."
Guy: "I will find you and I will email you. I want to work for you!"
Me: "ok great...." and left.

Chicho rocking the SNT silver star we made like..maybe 12 years ago

***Chad called me and asked me to take this pic out. He was crying real hard on the bberry. Chad, stop crying.**
Now watch this and comment on it..please

And this is blue belt Shanon fight in the Anaconda Fight Club in Barcelona..... I will be back!

viernes, julio 04, 2008

A week in photos

The hustlers team. From Barcelona to L.A

Long walk to get to a second party the same night.

Subway is faster sometimes...

Peter from Frisco from the Netherlands rocking the "Spades" tee in XXl size. Got you man.

Some homeless guy with a need for glasses.

I found the very same guy in B&B

Near the harbor. Amazing guy just reading.

Yeah, it says premium.

MArried to the Mob Crew in Barcelona

That goes for you, you and you. Peace and love to friends and fam.

lunes, junio 30, 2008

B&B Week

More updates this week. B&B is here. life is going to be crazy this week, with trillion of parties, friends and things to do.
Nima is here without luggage, Chad arrives wednesday, and I got 3 invitations in the same morning for 3 different parties.
Lets take a breath...

domingo, junio 29, 2008

miércoles, junio 25, 2008

New shit coming

Been here thinking about life... and where, how and when to drop my new stuff...
...yes. You heard it first, new WORLDWIDE stuff out really soon.

And next week Bread and Butter again, this time with a video camera and a photo camera. I know Nima will be here too, Leah from MOB, and maybe the one and only stunt double of Data from The Goonies aka Chad from Foreign Family.

New toys, big toys. Just working to make new things happen.

lunes, junio 23, 2008

My new business

As you have seen before, im expananding my business ventures. This time is a new restaurant in the coast.

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domingo, junio 22, 2008

Secret bbq

Far away from the city, somethings cooking...
Out the traffic and stress far away from downtown, near the sea...
Enjoying life for a minute.
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Photo safari

Yes. I went out. And I went out to the 2nd American Apparel x Vice party.
Julio already posted about this, and he sent me a sms saying "Blog roll!!!!" to remember me I should post the pics I got on my personal photo safari. Here they are...

The crew

Yes...he could be my father...

"yeah, Im always reading at parties with my paper hat on"

queen of the party and company

Are those pink?

And the award goes to..."Too drunk to fuck" t-Shirt bitches crew