lunes, julio 21, 2008

New editorial contributions

I love writing. I love publishing stuff. No matter how stupid a subject might sound, if you write about it in a good way, it will "look" good. Thats the power of the press. I have been shooting and writing for magazines for years, from spanish, japanese, english, american, french to german mags. For a long period of my life I was a heavy contributor for many magazines, mostly skateboarding, but also fashion, newspapers, or even fanzines. And I loved it.
For some reasons I stopped. An urge to find myself forced me to stop shooting photos, writing and everything in between, and here I am, a couple years later coming back to the publishing world with the new UNO magazine articles:

This is my review for the amazing FX35 from Panasonic I did. I have a gadget review section and I will be reviewing gadgets every issue based on my everyday use. The Fx35, despite what they say, it has the same optics as the Leica cam. Different branding that is...

The "shoppinG" section where I review different stupid shit I find in every city I visit. Next one will be Los Angeles maybe, or even Madrid, who knows. Is just small stuff that makes a city full. In this case I did New York, and you cant go wrong with the brownies, the Supreme hat or the Nintendo pez, oh, and of course the STARKS laces!

And Leah from MOB, full interview and article about the brand. More coming.

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angelkowski dijo...

Nice place Madriz

the_line_is_drawn dijo...

pero saca al rey de la mini...

"con un porrillo en la mano yo me lo liiiiiiiiooooooo"

que en el fonod te mola.

cuando hacemos un blog que se llame -chad marica-?