sábado, julio 05, 2008


So yesterday was the last day of B&Butter. Thank god.
The weather is really hot, really humid, and there's a lot of people in the city. It just stresses me out.
Few friends in town, so what best than kicking it with them? Chad, Nima and Buba we just recordered some video at these guys apartment in the ghetto streets of Barcelona. You will see it up soon.
Im there just letting them know how to use a washing machine and talking about new projects, and what the inspiration and shit about them.
Yesterday went to the Trustnobody party, hella fun. We all were there, thanks Tonete was great.
Chad has been updating day by day, better check his blog out.

Thats it for me. Tomorrow Im out to the beach.
Monday back to office number 1, then office number 2, and another day...

Ruth's boots for the night.Patent leather and high heels.What what?!

Isaac, blogger extraordinaire rocking the Hustlers Marathon tee!

This guy asked me in the bar some random questions, heres the transcription of the chat we had:
Guy: "Wow man, amazing Tshirt from Supreme you wearing! kermit! yeaaaaaah!"
Me: ".......thanks......"
Guy: "What brand you from?"
Me: "What brand? Well, Im from Barcelona and I have this brand called WORLDWIDE"
Guy (Completely excited although he has no clue about my brand): "Wow man, you are amazing"
Me: "Are you serious?...Thanks"
Guy: "You have a business card with you?"
Me: "No."
Guy: "I will find you and I will email you. I want to work for you!"
Me: "ok great...." and left.

Chicho rocking the SNT silver star we made like..maybe 12 years ago

***Chad called me and asked me to take this pic out. He was crying real hard on the bberry. Chad, stop crying.**
Now watch this and comment on it..please

And this is blue belt Shanon fight in the Anaconda Fight Club in Barcelona..... I will be back!

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