domingo, julio 06, 2008

We all have dreams. One of mine was to develop, grow and do something out of my heart, my skills and my passion and I called it WORLDWIDE.
Worldwide was born, and then my stuff was sold in, Supreme NYC, Reed Space, a shop in Russia, some shops in Spain, and few other stockists around, and this dream came true.
I will always remember the comment of this fool who called himself my friend and said "I shit on Ivan's tees".
After that, I have been pushing a trillion more buttons to keep all this big machine working. Im not just doing tees now, but this tee shirt game is the last on my priorities now, as me and my team we doing website building, graphic design and anything possible to keep stacking the goodies. The tee game is what I have fun with, so this will always go on.
Still a few tees from last season at DG! Hurry up!
With that in mind, two new projects coming out this month: The Digital Gravel water Project and the "Amy is the new Sid" ultra limited t-shirt dropping exclusively at DIGITAL GRAVEL.

Dreams are still alive. Im just trying to expand. And its working. Just updating you all on the mails Im getting asking for more Worldwide stuff... its coming!

Thanks to all my friends, fam, you all know who you are. The L.A family, always and forever guys. This is just getting better every minute, and I dont have to be "cool" to get there.

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