domingo, julio 13, 2008


I am in Frankfurt for the "bright" tradeshow.Its locared in an old
police station in the middle city and every brand has a room.there are
a LOT of rooms, can't think why a police station had this many rooms.
Lot of brands,lot of crap, lots of girls promoting, and some homies
around like the Akomplice guys, dream team, Chris from Freshjive, and
all the SB fam.
And tonight I will be back home ready for a goodbye dinner spanish style with tapas and good food.

And working a little bit in this hotel room wont hurt me. I really enjoy working at hotels. They are peaceful, and they always have nice tables to work at, oh, and a lot of natural light.
So Im here working now on some internet stuff and some stuff coming soon as promo.
Thanks for all the emails ordering the "Amy" tee, never thought it would be such a smash hit! Thanks.
shipping 1st week of august.

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