viernes, abril 18, 2008

Worldwide Corvette

Well, the title is a little bit out of reality but sounds good to me.
So I have posted about cars before. I posted about Honda cars before, and today is time to post about Corvettes.
The reason? I was lucky to try the new C6. To set it in numbers: 0-100 km/h in 4 seconds. Easy as that. I was invited by Corvette Spain to try this new beast through the city in a 1 hour rider through the inner city and some small and fun roads away from radars.

The blue beast was my toy for the day.

I step in the car and the first thing I see is something I saw in the news years ago: The speed and other specs of the car (revs, gas...) in your windshield. How amazing is that? Is like some Star Wars ship right there in front of you.

For one hour I drove the thing, and although is an amazing car, I feel the suspension was one of the worst I have ever tried. The thing was giving me back pain after 10 minutes of driving. The driving was really smooth, like butter, and the interior makes you feel like you in a race car.
Equipment wise, I think it had the regular stuff for a 60k euros car: A Dvd, a GPS, heated seats, electric-everything... The usual stuff. One good thing about the car was pushing the pedal, and the exhaust sound. It was unreal. With an engine like this, you can be collecting speed tickets in a day and end up without a license in two, but just going from 0 to 80/90 km/h in a red light was...unbelieveable.

I know a little bit about cars, not a lot, and I can tell you I got the very same sensations in a S2000 than in this car, and the cost is nearly half of it. I know the S2000 has "only" 250 hp, and the C6 was close to 500 hp, but for an "everyday" car, I'd go with the small japanese bullet aka S2000.

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