jueves, abril 17, 2008

Worldwide 5 panel "Hustlers Marathon" Hat

Barcelona. April 2008:
The spanish brand WORLDWIDE drops its first 5 panel hat in Fall08.
The hat follows the success of the "Hustlers Marathon" tee, a collabo between Digital Gravel a the brand. The tee was called "Hustlers Marathon" for the race most of the players in the socalled "streetwear" game to get money, to get their goals.
The hat features the colors of the tee, and "Hustlers Marathon est. 2006". This has an explanation: Ivan J, the head in front of Worldwide and Nima, head of DGravel, met in 2006 in one of the Bread and Butters editions in Barcelona. Ever since, although Nima denies it, they both fam and known hustlers in their game.
The 1977 is the year Ivan was born, and when "everything begun".
Final production hat will have inside printing and labeling, as this is the first sample from the Los Angeles factory where Worldwide produces.

Available in Fall08

Email: worldwide1977@mac.com
Web: http://www.worldwide1977.com

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