domingo, abril 20, 2008

What up

Thanks to technology, I can communicate with friends from all over the world. Luckily for me, to be able to do that, I dont have to spend a lot of money or time. It is important communicating with friends you have, in case you need to vent, or a simple chit chat about the state of things, politics, sex or even whats going on in their cities. I have friends in the west coast of America, and thats 10.000 kilometres away from my house, away from my "barrio". mY Blackberry, AIM and THE "SEND voice note" from Blackberry keep me these friends a little bit closer. Nima and the "Foreign Family" are what I can consider true friends. Sounds crazy having true friends in the other side of the world, but thats the way things go... they have the honor to be on my small list! Im pretty sure I fall into the same category, because I know they miss me.

While talking yesterday night with Nima about what he been up to lately (Im not going to say anything about Nadia Styles), he mentioned he was giving the final touches to some video... and here it is.
The vid was filmed in the FFxDG trip to San Francisco. Nima, soon HD video wars in the net!
Yesterday my homie Flavio Rodriguez gave an amazing concert. I have been seeing this guy for months in events and at the office, and the dude is so chill and so humble I couldnt believe he would be that show killer. Amazing concert. Amazing everything. It was one of my best concerts after K.West. Serioulsy.
Flavio, you just killed it.

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