martes, marzo 11, 2008

Hillary done

I know. Political issues. But please, take a minute (or two) to listen what Obama is telling Hillary. Pretty amazing. Serioulsy. And its been like 3 posts about politics in the blog. Oh shit, Im going political with a country thats not even mine!
Its all Nima's fault.


I think it was my 1st time in this venue, can not remember, but this place was HUGE and was fully packed. If we go 65 euros x this many people we get..... lambos and white makeup for the The Cure guys.

"The cure" yesterday. Amazing show. It was years since I was dancing in a concert, well, last one was Kayne West, but I barely danced. "Boys dont cry" and the crowd went crazy. It was my most expensive concert thou, 65 euros for a seated place. It helped the fact that I bought the ticket 5 months in advance. Anyways, a 3 hour show that gave me great fun and good moves.


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the_line_is_drawn dijo...

yo tambien tenia asiento ahi detras y me tuve que evantar e ir delante por que no veia un carajo.