viernes, marzo 14, 2008

In & Out: New York, Hong Kong, Madrid...

A weird week. Productive at least, and fun. This week its been a weird mix between a never ending flu (Which I still suffer in the shape of nasal constipation and constant headaches when I work too much), some presents from friends from different places in the world, and a sense of relief when gettings things done. Mix that up with a quick Madrid trip to give a presentation and you have one of the weirdest mixes of last weeks.

Worldwide: A couple new projects finished this week. Might sound cheesy, but loving both of them. Can´t wait for production and no, no apparel this time, something else this time. Fun thing is that its something I will also "use" as my own T-Shirts, wait and see... Soon in a shop near you.
And as I said, got some presents from friends this week and bought some gadgetry for home to spice up the office a little bit:

From Hong Kong with love. This photo doesnt make justice to what Yumi brought/send from her quick trip to H.Kong. She just brought every imaginable magazine related to shoes, apparel and fashion. Thanks a ton Yumi.

From New York a stack of laces from Alex from STARKS/ Supreme. People cant front with STARKS. Hi quality and an attention to detail never seen before in laces. Props and respect. And speaking of Supreme...

Yeah, got that one too. Thanks Alex!

Erosion magazine is a mag from Spain that covers skateboarding. As you might remember, we all went to the Amsterdam wear test of the Nike SB "Zoom tre ad". Got featured in a wife beater and holding my skateboard on my head. A "nice" image to show my mom, who just told me "You look bad with beard". Thanks mom.

And EyeTv is what I had been waiting forever. You simply connect this USB alike thing to the laptop or computer, place a mini antenna around the home and you get your own "Tivo" in your laptop or computer. Amazing. really. I just didnt believe on it til I could use it myself. Also, the software has this "Tv programs" that connects somewhere and you get the whole Tv list, double cick on it and scheulde for recording straight to your hard drive. Really. Try it, it was like 100 euros, way cheaper than a TV and cheaper than a hard drive recorder for your Tv.

And the last present came from Madrid, straight from the Apple warehouse: The new Aperture, this amazing software to get your photos right, give them shine and work with them like you got a light table in your computer blah blah blah... Will give you an update of it when I try it some hours, still early to do so. Thanks P.L!

And Miso soup. random photo here but this is just to remember myself how to cook miso soup.

More to come...

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