sábado, marzo 08, 2008


Thats the magic number this blog is reaching in a few visits. Back when I begun this blog, I never thought 20.000 single visits would make it to this everyday madness called Worldwide.
Thanks to every single person who has visited this blog and keep doing it.
As you might have heard, Fall08 collection is been ready some weeks ago.
I have the list and ideas ready for Ho'08 season that will begin getting shape real soon.
For all of you who missed the latetst collection, peep it here at DIGITAL GRAVEL, its been sold out in stores.
And in some other news, been busy with my other duties.
The new Sp-SUm08 collection from ACG is already in stores and we put together a media day. All the vert media was invited in an event we put together in a garden house in the middle of the city. Amazing.

And right now, at home with flu. Great.
Anyways, Orlando is a great guy who has been doing the Sole Tech sales for some time, and has one of the best spanish blogs dealing with shoes, shops... Its called "Suelas de goma".

He posted about the new WATCHEMN movie and the "Cool Guys are dead" tee link... Thanks mate.

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