jueves, enero 17, 2008

WWIDE x DG Tees //Fam

Kike, Nike SB/ACG sales rep giving his best pose. First one in Spain to rock the tee
The Digital Gravel x WWIDE collabo tee is finally here. Today is the day!
More Bread and Butter news later on. Im still recovering from last night dancing.
Untitled party begun real bad and got better by 3 am with classic hiphop hits and drunk foreigners acting a fool.
Some pics that pop in my email account: This is the OG of the fam, aka my dad, back in the day. For some reason my family member check this blog even if they dont understand a single word in english. as i wrote before, this blog was at the begining a way to communicate with my friends overseas, and now is more of a brand voice to let people know the influences and everyday life of somebody like me.

My uncle, my dads bro, is in the left picture. Known banker in Spain, he wrote me as I asked for interesting info: "I was the banker of famous people, politicians, gangsters, priests, playboys, bitches, homos... and I even had the chance to deal with some decent people during all the years I worked as a CEO of a big bank, but they were broke. Dont ask me for more details because then I'd loose all the juice I have for having so much info..."
This dude got offered an unlimited Visa to have double nationality during a dinner at a world known location related to the U.S. Isnt that gangster? And he doesnt wear gun related tees or all over prints.
call that classic.

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