jueves, enero 17, 2008

My feet hurt

Its thursday night, and my feet hurt.
Been working hard on office number 1 til everything that had to be taken care of was taken care of.
Then head to B&Butter and socialize and peep new stuff coming up and basically talk with everybody who would care about my non cool and non fluor colored apparel.
Some of the stuff going on this week, in no apparent order, and no apparent connection between themselves... They say an image is worth...yeah well, whatever they say, here the pics:

jason from OFFICIAL hats knows that "Cool guys are dead"

Scotty from THE HUNDREDS, Chad from The Goonies and Foreign FAMILY and Elia from Ralph lauren/FF/WWIDE/ and everything in between...

So yeah, Chad and Yoshi stayed at my place for two nights, and somehow in the refrigerator "to do list" I found out I had to buy Chad a car. I knew that after seeing his girly VW Beetle in L.Angeles.

Mr Staple loves this one uh? I gave up on Steve for now, but my Blackbery has my back.Even with the mac touch...

Yeah. They suck. They know it too. For some reason everybody at BB knows too.

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