sábado, enero 19, 2008

Relax Marathon

* SlamxHype love

Yeah, new watch. This thing is not a $3000 watch but gives time just the same. Good job Brian.Ey Chad, dont hate.

MR44 on full mode. New entrance for Trust nobody store.

Chad and Yoshi discovered the joy of public biking. You pay 24 euros and for one year, and during that year you can get all the bikes you need from every stations in Barcelona, free for 30 minutes. That means you can literally be on a bike for anything. The face of joy of this couple was priceless seeing them cruising around on bikes.

This crew was walking around B&B with fluor colored clothes, tight spandex pants and retro glasses. No clue why they were like that, and why the girl on the pic looked so pissed (or is it stoned look?). Whatever they were promoting, no idea...

So I told "Tapas lover" (His name must remain secret) I had to write about this:

What would you think if you step out from the club where "the scene" is going to be, and you see some dude that was "in the tradeshow", all dressed up on fixed gear bike apparel and a white fixed gear bike...standing in front of the venue, at 4:30 am?
Was he pretending he just finished racing around and somehow he ended up in front of the club flashing his newly aquired bike?
Who ships a bike from middle-Europe to Barcelona to use it at 4am at night?
Who needs posers?
Why people try so hard to be cool?
Is it that hard to be yourself?
Who else wants to be like Fujiwara?

Fuck it, when we stepped out we had a good laugh on his cost. Not saying names, whoever feels ofended was the one playing the fool.

What better way to finish the week with a picnic in the beach with some friends?

Some dinner with more friends at home.

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