martes, enero 15, 2008

Lost in translation

Full Bread and Butter week.
A lot of things have happened in the last days. Its been around a week I havent updated the blog, and every single day I felt like I had to. So here it is, a major update.

First, these last days I found out the best kept secret I had (In the shape of shoes), came to light.
The called "Dunk Hi Hay" came to the light nearly 2 years later after I begun with this project. Hypebeast posted about it, from Spain, and this blog called "CTOTHEJL" is who started the news.

To my surprise, the author of the post writes:
"The overall design is one of the most creative we’ve seen in a while; the bottom of the sole has strips of hay layered into it! This was an ‘06 sample, so you know it’s long gone. Why do all the good samples get thrown away?!"
This project begun in the middle of a conversation with Sandy Bodecker, head of Nike SB at that time. The idea was to make a Spain only shoe to conmemorate the anniversary of the "Don Quixote" book.

My idea was to have a shoe that Don Quixote himself would wear, like in the Middle Ages. The plan was to build a shoe made of different shoes.
For some reasons, this project could never be finished.


On a streetwear related news, the WORLDWIDE x DIGITALGravel T-Shirt is out this week.
Produced in Los Angeles to assure maximum quality, this T-Shirt is a homage to the relationship between WWIDE x DigitalGravel, and the fact of some of us being hustlers, and running things to get our "benefits".

Limited to a few units, this tee is one of my fave pieces ever, with a design based on running tees, and with a lot of hidden messages through the few writing in the tee.
You can order tee via Paypal, international shipping available, and shipping included in the price.


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