jueves, enero 10, 2008


Lola, as shes known in Spain, is a korean writer and journalist who has written a tourism book about Spain. Shes been living 6 months here and touring all over the nation to gather enough info to write a book that sold out in Korea in weeks.
Shes writing her second book, this time about Barcelona, its people, architecture, and anything that can be interesting for a korean tourist.
She came home to interview me and my partner for the book and shoot some photos. In the pic with her book.

New hiphop musics sucks excepts for some stuff that comes out undercover. So I have to go with ordering prank calls cds like this one. "Rickey Smile" cd. Funny as hell.

My new daily driver.

One of the best Cds I have listened in a while. Mr Capone-E new "Dedicated to the oldies part 2". How to make a cd with double "flavour", that caters to a wide audience. If "mainstream" rappers could learn a thing or two from this guy they would be trillionaires. And yes, still a huge fan of this fella. He turned chicano rap to a new level, mixed it with oldies, threw some known names to his cds, and you get a genius with an amazing cd.

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