viernes, enero 04, 2008

Last days...

..before heading back to normal life.

Its been 15 days of work, leisure and friends. Couldnt have been better.
Today, with Moski headed one of the few european Lowrider shops around. Enter "DyD Lowrider".
Bikes, chrome, wheels, Cd's, an extensive apparel offer by chicano brands and a shitload of pictures to keep the street cred up with one of the owners and people like MR Capone-E, Mister Cartoon... the list would go on forever and I dont know everyone on the pics.
Pride, good stuff and respect from true people coming from the culture they promoting.

Get your wheels at:
Estruc, 20 // 08002 Barcelona // 93 481 42 16


Just liked this pic while we were on the topic... Moski's present for my 30's birthday.

After a 2 hours ride you get bored...

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