miércoles, diciembre 05, 2007


The new Supreme's Trainer 2 from Nike SB. Today was time to wear them and wear test these black gems. For all of you more interested about the story behind production of this shoe vs the "how many" were done, this particular edition was done from pictures, because there were no "alive" shoes to be able to copy and remold to create this 2007 adaption from the old school Trainers. So, basically James did the shoes based on pictures and drawings and the Supreme team did the coloring and detailing as usual when it comes to collabos.
Crazy how I go from simple shoes (Blazers) to this bulky looking shoe. Im not even wearing dunks anymore... oh well...

Great shoe, good looking, and just some pics for you to enjoy these.
Thanks Agra.

And yeah, thats marble looking strap right there.

And from the far east got this Nike x Michael Lau figure. Ah, the power of being 1 floor away from someone with connections in Asia and soccer... Thanks Yumi.

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