sábado, diciembre 08, 2007

Who cares about streetwear when you have trading Cards?

My girlfriend says Im an undercover "nerd". There are some facts that support that theory, and Im not going to deny ´em, but one that stands true, is my obession with trading cards. It shouldnt be considered a "nerd" passtime, but trading card collecting has been always considered as some kind of "nerdy" thing to do.
When I was younger (Say 15-16 years old), I used to visit this comic book store near my school, and having close to no money to spend on trading cards, I usually bought one or two cardsets, nothing fancy. Maybe every week I could spend money on like two or so, maybe even less.
I used to buy comic book trading cards, or even movies ones (Remember when the Alien 3 came out?). The fact of opening every package was magical... super natural, Im not going to lie, I even got excited doing so.
That was the begining of the 90's...

Lately, I have been visiting ebay quite often and I stumbled across some guy selling trading card boxes (yeah, boxes, with like 20-30 packages inside)... So I bought like 5 different boxes from different collections.

"Yo Raps!" from MTV was the Tv show some homie used to record on VHS tapes and move it in Sants to all the homies. That was the time when we all got interested in hiphop while we were skateboarding and doing close to nothing else. I found a box on sale and bought it right away. Yesterday my homie Chicho and Peny came home and found me opening packages... we together opened the whole thing and even scratched the "Win a trip to NYC to see the recording of Yo Raps!" prize... I didnt win a single pin or jacket or hat!

To be sincere, I was even going to send the winning card to the mailing adress if I got a winning card, but I didnt, so fuck it.

Yeah well...

And then, the other box, McFarlane's era of SpiderMan. Cmon, those were the days... dark, angry and powerful Spider-Man, when there were no films, no nothing, just comics and trading cards to support the webslinger! So yeah, you can feel my excitment in the photo (Oh, and the "Carriage" tee from Season2 too, soon to be on sale at DIGITALGRAVEL!)

Look at the special cards I found on my box! 3 prism cards! Man, if I would have gotten those like 15 years ago I would have been so fucking happy.... going to call my bro to let him know I got 3 special ones...

Nerding out of control, and proud of it.

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