martes, diciembre 04, 2007

Mista´s Clothing

Long time ago I remember we all travelled from Barcelona to Madrid to skate different spots. For all of you not familiar with the spanish region, thats a 8 hour ride in car or a 1 hour trip on a plane, but back then there were no planes for our budgets.
We usually stayed some days, even a week, just to skate with the Madrid crew (Called by then the CLN Crew), have fun and skate different terrains.

One of the locals from Madrid was Nahum. he was the hip-hopest guy of them all. He repped all the Timberland, Polo and Hilfiger stuff when those brands were cool. He was humble and a cool guy,
Years later, when most of us took different ways and couldnt travel that much, I get to meet Nahum at Bread and Butter and tells me about his TShirt company and how he is doing some stuff and bla bla.
Amazed, we exchanged some words and promised to keep in touch.
Let me introduce "Mista´s Clothing", a personal project from Nahum, that after all these years decided to do his small thing, influenced by gangster-ism and hip-hop, and reppin what he loves most, trying to wear what he likes.

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