domingo, octubre 28, 2007

Sunday recap

Some snaps from a saturday in Barcelona...

Trust Nobody store, downtown.

The old city. This arch is been stuck in my memories ever since I was a kid. It has 2 skulls on it. Creepy and mysterious.

Chicken roasted in the street. An all time classic for sunday lunch.

Oviso bar in La Plaza del Tripi has the best sandwiches with pomodoro, feta cheese, honey and lettuce. Thir salads are amazing also.

Why going solo when you can ride with your team?

Just found out these mosaics shops in the old part of the city. really nice stuff.

Always thought about going back 1000 years and see how this church looked.

Best known mall in Barcelona, El Corte Ingles. Crowded, and ready to go home already...


Getting ready to head to Los Angeles. Ey, also the new issue of Streetwear today is posting this nive piece about WORLDWIDE...

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