sábado, octubre 27, 2007

Let the horses go

Season 2 is officially finished and ready to ship next week.

Thanks for all the emails to all those interested in this new effort to bring a little bit of fresh air to this collapsed world of guns, Biggie prints, and money signs. At least...thats what they say.

Barcelona born and raised 100%. What makes a luxurious brand a luxurious brand? Is it its products, or its image? Anyways, Worldwide reps Barcelona.

Some people have told me they feel the line is too "small".Well, I dropped 4 new designs for Season 2. Some people might think its not a "complete" line, or maybe not even a line. Well, I dont consider it a line, I still consider it "my thing", my project.

One of my fave tees in Season 2. "Cool guys are dead". Im not cool, so ey, all of you, heres your tee.


Might sound strange but Im not really worried about selling each and one of the tees I produce, I feel happy if the tees go to the right people, those who like what I do. If thats 5 people fine, if its 400 people, fine too.

This is my idea of all of this: I need to be happy with every tee I drop. I dont want to drop a tee and be like: "Whatever, but this will sell". I need to be able to wear every one of the tees produced under the WORLDWIDE umbrella.

Have you ever been to a shoe store and been treated like shit? Well, I did, and all I can say is "Ey man, its only shoes and T-Shirts, relax".
So yes, its not an amazingly big line, not even maybe "a line", but its "My line, my thing", and Im proud of it.

Season 1 had the tee "Worldwide Love", and this season, same model makes a comeback and we have the "Worldwide Lust" tee. Its all about lust...

And all I can say is thanks to all those who support this project. Thanks to all of you. I will keep doing "small lines".

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