viernes, octubre 26, 2007

Night life

So I decided to escape from my 2 laptop days, late working and LOST (Season 3) watching and decided to go to the UNO party.

UNO is a mag I begun back in 2000 when I was heavily shooting skateboard pictures. By the time the 1st issue came out I was trying to go live to the US and stay there working at a skateboard company called Monkey Business. Issue 1 of the mag came out, issue 2 came out, and by then I was already in California living under the sunny Laguna Hills sky.
But that adventure didnt last long. I came back to Spain and decided to keep shooting and ot my 1st real job in Spain: Creating contents and shooting pictures.
I did that for about...5 years, then went freelance, kept working with the mag and lots other magazines, and then until now.

From top left to the right: Dinner at my fave place, UGARIT // Trust Nobody crew reading the new issue // JUan LaTorre from FREE skate shop rocking the "Fuck you hippie" tee //Yeah,thats me showing the feature in the new issue "Worldwide" got //Natalia, Irene and Noelia, the girls behind the mag //"What the dunk"! Full effect //SNT O.G's- Cheli, Chicho, peny, me and Mario. Worldwide "Spades" rep! // Julio from Trust Trainers //Mario and Edu Navarro, old time skateboarders from the early 90's meet again //What the dunk...again // Chicho wondering why he wasnt at the Nike Sb events in Barcelona and London reading the coverage in the issue// Verena and Ina at the party (center and last photo)

The guys behind the new UNO magazine decided to throw a party to celebrate the new mag issue, new format and everything in between.
I assume it was more a friends and industry people meeting than a real "launch" of the mag.
All good night. Also some band played some rock music, but Im not really into rock n roll, all I heard was some guitars and loud music.


Season 2 finished. Everything on production. Stay tuned. Next week all out.

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Anónimo dijo...

Gracias por los consejos, haremos lo posible para manterte al día de nuestro proyecto.

Felicidades por la nueva temporada, no te deja indiferente.

(La cami de Watchmen me encanta, a la vez que me fastidia un poco porqué hace dos semanas tuve una idea para una camiseta muy parecida, con la cara de Watchmen y tal.)

Gracias por todo.
Hasta otra.

Albert (ABOVE ALL)