jueves, agosto 23, 2007


Its been some days, exactly over 10 days, I havent updated this.
I started this as a therapy when I was so bored, fucked up and sad in my 1 bedroom apartment back in june 2006, and this has ended up being the "Worldwide Living" voice and front page to know about this brand called WORLDWIDE I begun in january 2007. And Im happy about it.
Just to keep you posted: Season 2 is nearly finished, but some designs are still just in the sketch mode.
Be ready for some "in your face" tees. And just because I seriously dont plan on getting rich with this, Im just dropping anything I like and without any hope to be a big star in this scene. NOTE: Expect no guns, no all over polka dots and no pink colorways because "is the new black"... enough said.
Meanwhile, with this blog, I dont get thousands of visits, dont get hyped up in certain blogs, some do (thanks), and sometimes Im even in some magazines (2 page article in this issue of spanish national mag "Serie B"), but thats just a consequence of a sum of things going on around here, and I suposse hard work and maybe because Im the best blog ever in the internet world.

Does anyone remember this guy? In the very first posts I posted here, I linked to some of his stuff via youtube.com. Mr.Trippalot. As I see it, one of the best latino rappers out there. Working on an interview with the homie for a national mag.
On a more "streetwear" news... Been talking a little bit with the one and only Nima and Chad from Foreign family. By some mysterious way, I could be chilling with these guys all day long. Street wear? Fuck it. Lets talk homies here.
Did you know Nima is learning spanish?
He's also getting ready to model some serious FF sh*t soon... his words through AIM were "tell me about how sexy i am" or "man it was kinda unbelievable how good the video shoot was" talking about the soon-to-come-out Foreign Family video.
Talk about humble people here! BUT everyone knows me, Nima and Chad rule the "streetwear" scene.
Everyone knows that, but some people is still figuring out the "me" part in the last sentence.
Peep the picture in the FF video shot... As Nima credited "oh man.. this pic is so cool guy"

"Let me know if there are any spanish girls that write to you". Ok, so spanish ladies, please write to worldwide1977@mac.com and I will pass the email to the one and only Nima!
Some of you might remember the Nike SB I designed in may 2006. I did those based on my skate spot, Sants Plaza. Well, I buy a magazine in Tokyo, open it up, and when Im in the bathroom, 2 week later, I realize theres a dude wearing those inside... amazing. Its the september 2007 "Street jack" issue.

The ones in the left, the guy with the ugly pants

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