jueves, agosto 16, 2007

Today' shoes

Just rocked the P-Rods x Free today. First impression when you wear them is they are really soft, comfy and cushioned.
After using them for a while you feel the same as with the other Free shoes: You are walking with super light and comfy footwear.

I decided to snap some shots with my Sony because I feel the shoes are really different from everything out there now, and as I said, the Free technology is something that never ceases to amaze me (The Moire is my favorite shoe...).
Please, enjoy the shots and James, thanks again!

My friend Chad from FOREIGN FAMILY is dropping his new season. Please, peep the line HERE, because he's straight killing it. If you go to Magic Vegas, be sure to get an appointment with him and his asian crew.

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yustapose dijo...

Increibles!! Y encima por la cara.. jo, jo...

Felicidades por cierto...

Un saludo!