lunes, agosto 27, 2007

Summer getting to its end

Is it me or summer is getting shorter and shorter every year?
I still remember when I was younger, way younger, and went to school, we had 3 months off everything. School ended up in june and well, you know about "back to school"...that is september.
Right now, actually in the 30's (Wow, Im 30), things are just different. Not enough time in the beach, not enough time to chill and not enough time for anything. Also, think about how seasons are right now blurried on the summer-autumn-winter line... last year in Spain we didnt barely have winter, it was more of a cooled up version of autumn. Is it the global warming? Ah, who knows... One thing is for sure, back to school, in my case "back to the office", is just one week ahead, because of the week off I took to visit Germany again.

Big things coming. Working on some music artists interviews on my freelance side, working on season 2 of WORLDWIDE and finishing the touches to the office-house...
New tools for Worldwide Domination. New Imac. I have been a heavy user of Apple laptops for the last 5 years. Didnt's plan on getting a new computer but this thing is just perfect. Design aside, this computer delivers: The double chip Intel brain gives the Apple a boost in perfomance and seriously this stylish computer will make your life easier.
Fast, great softare included (The new Ilife'08 pack is just EASY to use and functional), and well, fuck one for 1200 euros. Most of the slow and retarder PC's out there cost that, or maybe more, and dont deliver half this beauty does.

Music: The new Kanye Cd should be out anytime. This thing looks hot. Read this story and try to understand this genius. Hip-hop has another great star. Fuck the haters. This dude(Not Pharrel) is changing how things are done.


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Angel - Nestor dijo...

Hey Ivan!
Solo decir que me ha molado mucho ese comment de que es K.W. y no Mr.Pharrell el tipo de tío que hace que las cosas evolucionen. Suerte con tu business man. Un abrazo

I.J dijo...

thanks my friend.
nos vemos por la city

the_line_is_drawn dijo...

what the dunk.

quiero quiero y quiero.