domingo, julio 29, 2007

Gotta be right now

The Tokyo trip is getting to its end.
Everything has been great. Lots of skateboarding (From 11am til 9pm every day single day), lots of subway, rented vans and GPS systems to find spots from Yokohama to Odaiba to Shibuya-ku. A great week with lots of adventures and fun.
Tomorrow monday will be a free day because all of the stuff we got. Managing to get a full article for two magazines and a video part in a week, for all of those who know how the skate game works, know its no joke, so tomorrow will wander around Tokyo as free day we all deserve.
Some flicks from this week...

This is how we do it. 2 photographers and one video man aka Kike....

...filming Jose Manuel Roura crooking his way in the hot japanese night.

One of the reasons why I love Japan: Everything is done with cartoons. It can be ads, instructions, make up, food, drinks... everything has cartoons on it. Look how fresh the dude is with this chilly soap (that I will get tomorrow....!)

My mom always asks me where am I in the pictures, and why Im never in the pics I show them. Well, I had to ask somebody to shoot a pic of me in Odaiba (Aka the hottest skate spot on earth) with some kind of japanese lettering behind to show them I actually was in Tokyo.

"Luke, Im your father"

"Only in Japan". My friends Anna and Jos will be jealous...

PRIDE fighting Dvd's. Amazing. Will be there to see it live soon.

One opf my duties this trip. Its called Super 8 film. Soon available my first film & edit piece...stay tuned.

And yeah, I buy mags, everywhere, even pixelated ones...

Yeah. Toys. Any trip. Anywhere. And specially Japan. My girl knows...

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