domingo, julio 29, 2007

Still in Tokyo

In january 2004 I was hired to shoot some cover photos for a latino hip-hop record label called Latino jam. The owner and main guy behind this label was the rapper known as "Capone". I stayed there for 3 days shooting photos of Capone and his crew, and got a lot of photographic material available for his Cd covers. he actually used two of the photos for 2 Cd covers, one of them called "Mafia Hits".

2 days ago IM in Shibuya in Tokyo and went to Tower records (Which looks like is still strong in Japan), and bought this "The Best of DISS tracks" from some of the guys I already know from my Cd collection, Mr Criminal, Mr Capone-E, Scrappy, Stomper.... Its a Cd where they diss "fake rappers" they were dissing Capone. To my surprise, they were dissing the cover of the photo I shot in Texas where Capone was reppin a brown L.A hat (With fake jewelry by the way, it was plastic spinner wheel he bought in a mall).

Crazy uh? At the same time, amazing how things turn.

And still in Tokyo with the team. Amazing city, super hot and reppin to the fullest.

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