miércoles, julio 04, 2007

Day 1.

Somehow Im kind of tired of all the craze these next days will be. Today is officially day 1 of B&B. Will visit the booths, meet homies, and all the rah rah from these days.
Tonight the Crooks and 10 Deep party.
Ah, will snap some pics.
Keep you posted at the WORLDWIDE blog...thats here...


1. Working on the new designs for Season 2
2. Trying to finish fixing the office/house so it looks like a proper place to live in.
3. Checking DIGITAL GRAVEL and seeing how fast the "Dead presidents" and "Worldwide Love" tee have sold out. Soon a restock.
Still other designs available, peep the "Fuck you hippie", "Mosaic" and "Spades" tees !

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