martes, julio 03, 2007

Bilbao Craze **Updated**

Been a weekend of craziness.
The skateboard crew aka SNT Crew joined again to full power for a party 8 hours from home (Thats Barcelona).
Dogway magazine was celebrating its 10th anniversary and invited everyone from the skate community to the party and to a hotel to kick it for a day of fun and ... craziness. Well, whoever knows us (or heard about us) knows we roll deep, and that we are loud and really, really a pain in the ass to whoever around us.
The trip begun in Barcelona, and the bus division was basically: Sants locals, and "the others". Imagine half of the bus (25 people), shouting for an hour, joking, and screaming to anything possible. Then 7 hours of not so loud jokes until we arrived to Bilbao.
Arrived and headed to the hotel, a 4 star hotel where we had around 30 rooms booked. People dressed, this and that and had some quick bite until we headed to the party.
The place was in the middle of nowhere, in an industrial area where you could easily have your organs stolen by some human organ smuggler.

Crazy party until 4am and ready to go. I dont drink or smoke or do any poison so when I feel tired Im out the place.
All I can say is that our group had security around until we left because of the craze we were throwing. Ah, the good old days were back. Just peep the pics.
Sunday afternoon we were going back home, but before had some bbq at a local spot, and headed home. maybe one of the longest and most uncomfortable rides ever... 8 hours tired as fuck and without having the chance to sleep in good position...

A weekend to remember with the crew.


Homie David sent me some more pics from the weekend...This is how we do it.

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