sábado, junio 30, 2007

Blade, ink

>LTW tattoo store is where I get inked. Yesterday new gem. Best inkers around, just hit them up. Classic, old school, new school, lettering... they rule the scene in Spain.
And a new tee coming up, just on pre-sale.
After the good feedback and support season 1 has got, we are putting out a pre-sale only of one of the new tees.

The tee features Blade, one of the lethal puppets from the classic movie "Puppet master". "He's one of my fave villains ever, along with Mister Doom. He never spoke a lot in the movies, just killed people with his arm-knife... his whole aura was amazing, and the movie is a straight classic".

In the back of the tee you can read "kill your enemies", one of the brand motto's along with "lead never follow, silent conspiracy and conquer and destroy". T-Shirt is black only.

Exclusively available through pre-order and shipped by late july from Europe, so hurry up because this one will be limited to 150 units and not available in stores.

Paypal (Write your size M, L or XL) 35 euros for Europe or 40 for international to:


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