miércoles, julio 04, 2007


Bread and Butter first day report:

Im amazed by the trillions of people attracted by street culture, street "brands" and anything in between. In the street area, thats what we supposedly "do"... a lot of people from small brands and upcoming and strong collectives, mixed with long time established brands.

The craze. Ey, Im cool too.

To go straight to the point, many of the names there and what I checked on my first day:

Freshjive (Amazingly strong line): Great tees, jackets and some original hats. Even Rick "Freshjive" was there, along with friend Chris Hull, marketing guy for the brand, who flowed me some product...thanks!

Nico "Joder". The cutest boy ever. Nico, you rock.

John "Selector", Chad "Foreign family", Nico "Staple", Nima "DGravel" at the Staple booth.
The Hundreds: As usual, good stuff, shorts, tees, a lot of colorful shirts, and good quality jeans. Scotty and Ben there. A nice selection of hats. New Era's and tees.

Official: The brand of my "cousin" Jason Maggio, with some amazing hats (No...the "Worldwide" hat wasnt there, just wait til next B&B). All over reflective hats, L.A logo hats with some materials twist, and some nice and original stuff.

Staple: Nico "Joder" and Jeff were there, with a spanish hostess who, as Nico said "Speaks 5 languages, shes spanish and smokes, so she's perfect". Jeff gave me a test of the Iphone, and friends were playing ping pong ina "Staple" table next to the booth. The product line simply and plain great, with some "mature" audience target (As I see it). Nice selection of details in the cut and sew section (SP08). Check the pics, for the real "staple" in that military inspired jacket... great.

This is part of STAPLE collection. Look at that joder!

The one and only "Data". Chad's brother played "data" in the Goonies movie. Great uh? hes the CEO of one best brands around, FOREIGN FAMILY.

Knowledge: Brian from Hong Kong and his wife, great stuff, solid product selection and the amazing Knowledge x Crooks and castles watch coming in october (TBC). Have one saved in black! Great people, humble guy, with a lot of success Brian. My blessings are with you.

The almighty I-phone. All I can say is that this thing is amazing. Tomorrow will post a video...

Tonight more. "Untitled party", and "Crooks and Castles x Ten deep" party in Club 13.

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