sábado, abril 07, 2007

Food and homies

Been on holidays for two days. The mission for these days is relax and do a little work.
yesterday visited one of the best restaurants I have visited in my city. A sirian restaurant in the Borne neighborhood called Ugarit. For 14 euros I had a full plate with meat, onion, humus, and crazy delicious dressings, and a coke. Everyone I have taken to have lunch when they visit Barcelona know that I always go to this tapas bar (Right Yasi?), but this place will be next on my list. Great service, great food, and good prices.

Goodbye dinner with Nils from Münster, Marieke from Münster/Barcelona/NYC and Ina Barcelona/Münster. Visit the place. Will be worth it. The place is in front of Estacion de Francia (Train station).

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