jueves, abril 05, 2007


Got featured in slamxhype.com, my cousin Jason Maggio blog, and in the german blog "Dream Team Clothing" blog, highsnobiety, spanish blog Mis Zapas ....
All the tees will be available july 2007 at DIGITAL GRAVEL.

More info coming real soon... Just expect some with a little bit of my world on it... whatever that means.

Have you seen the new hats from OFFICIAL? Jason Maggio, also known as ex-Vapors, ex-Tower records, ex-Estate L.A and a trillion more things, is launching his very own hat company. Please, please, check his stuff because this is what the market needed: Something different from New Era. Jason, you have my blessings.

This one is the Official x FTC SF hat, flocked, with inside-out denim.

And this one the FTC Sacramento x Official, with the White Sox logo in Kings colorway... Jason, you are going to take it all, but send me those f**ing videogames!
When I asked him to quote him in this blog he wrote this:

So thats all for now. Over here in the rainny Barcelona we have national holidays til tuesday, but I will be gone outside the city til friday... will keep updated this thing from there...hotel life again...

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