lunes, abril 09, 2007

Been there

Getting a phone call at noon and knowing some colleague that used to work next my space has died makes you realize nobody is safe on the road. Easter holidays are supposed to be fun, relaxing and cool, not a reason for somebody to die. Rest in peace homie...

And in another happier and funnier things, the SNT Skateboarding Crew just dropped an amazing party saturday night. All the Barcelona OG's gathered for a night of fun, laughs and somehow reunion for some of the attendees.

And yeah, thats a red Jackie Chan Tshirt... best thing to happen when videogames have great promo items like that tee... PR power.
And I want to introduce "Kike" to the world. Hes the best spanish filmer alive and one of the best and more prolific filmers in Europe. Original from Barcelona, hes been in skateboarding since late 80's, been always a SNT Skateboarding O.G, and an amazing partygoer. Hes filmed for such videos as 411, digital, logic, emerica video, several puzzle, cliche videos, antiz, krux, santa cruz, strange notes, ftc, streets of barcelona, kayo, alai video, jart video, uno videos and dogway videos... Anybody with more cred in Europe?

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