jueves, septiembre 07, 2006

Heading to the city

Its incredible how different cities can be.
I have been stuck in Gijon for a day and a half doing biz. Only thing i did was check the game boy console with that brain test game.
Game boys suck. Face it. Minimum processor power and bad resolution. I rep Psp from Sony.
Im in a cab again, this time i found out here they disconnect the taxi-meter when u tell them you going to the airport. Fixed cost whatever. This time the driver sucks big time. Is like we about to crash all the time with non existent obstacles. Gas-brake-gas-brake. Even on the highway...
On another side of things... I got 1000+ visits... Amazing... From 18th july this many visits. What begun for me as a theraphy due personal stuff attracts readers, or whatever u wanna call it.

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chaddypooh dijo...

GOOD looks on the mag, rocking the bandana. let me know if you need other color schemes. oh and if you hvae pics rocking the bandana send some over so i can post it on the bloggie. peace