martes, septiembre 05, 2006

Flights, cabs and kids

How annoying can kids be? Trying to sleep and having a 5 years old kid shouting to his dad why the plane is making strange sounds like Gremlins would exist. Fuck it. And what about people trying to steal your personal space on the seat arm rest? I remember Jeff Staple wrote about this dude who went bizarre on a plane and had to be duct-taped to the seat... I would do that to every annoying kid in a plane.
Internet, internet... Im on a cab driving to Gijon, a city in the north west of Spain. Meeting with some customers for holiday and spring 07 collections, tighten relationships and have a good time while they check the goodies from my magical bag. Cab driver is kind of shady... No taxi sign, no expense meter... and dude is driving this piece of shit to 135 km/h like theres no tomorrow.
I will add some pics when i make it to the hotel...if theres internet connection.
Im bored... And who knows when will i arrive to Gijon...
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