martes, septiembre 19, 2006


Yeah, been featured in "The Hundreds" webpage in the "Yasi Asks" section.
Yasi knows shes getting mad requests for my phone number... oh well.... ;-)
So this week another crazy one. Got some new shoes on my collection will post sometime later (Mork and Mindys, Todd Jordan Blazers, BIC Dunks, Air Humara from the Clerks Pack...), been not sleeping at all, I have been addicted to my laptop and getting shit done. Lots of work done, and some deals have been pulled.
Went with the homies to a beach bbq. Loving it. We could call it the end of the summer... But had so much fun we could do that with jackets and all.

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Anónimo dijo...

Woohoo, amo leer a Yasi. Y me pregunte si ese eras tu. Pero espero que sean mentiras, pues no eres feo y tal vez a contrario un poco guapo!? Sabes que tu telefono va star sonando como ballazos en east l.a.