domingo, septiembre 17, 2006

Chicho and Tucan BDay Night

Rolling with the homies. Chicho and Tucan B-Day party. Dinner at Mercat de Santa Catarina. As any good blog, we have to post food pictures. Check the strawberry lassagna I had for dessert, and the burger with chips that Tucan got.

Homie Mosky got a new tattoo too...

...and then we headed to the now really cool-famous-and where famous people hang "Flamingos". As usual, we took over the whole back area where the sofas are. After about 2 hours in the place, headed to "La Paloma" that reopened after about 1 month closed due some strange problems nobody could explain us. Dont ask about the pic with the 2 hot girls with black stuff on their mouth...

The overall winner of the night was Mr. "Peni". He dressed like a playboy got in the game with 2 maybe 3 ladies. Amazing game he got. Just check he ended up handcuffed to a California girl, after being talking with a San Diego girl that was rocking a black Tshirt that said "fetish" in golden lettering. Amazing.

A really funny night. We rolled deep. Had fun and besides some guys were missing after "Flamingos" club, we eneded up the night with a smile in our face.

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