sábado, septiembre 16, 2006

Name Dropping Pt.1

Saturday. Loving the Blackberry world... getting an email and getting to know my long time homie, friend and cousin from different families Jason Maggio was coming town is amazing. I have known Jason for about 2 years now. he was in the editorial world when we met, and I was too.
Jason now works for Tower Records running a little bit of marketing magic for those big boys. He used to work for Vapors Magazine (Someone from Vapors could email me to clear some stuff we have pending?), and now works for Tower records, and Estate LA, this new hat company from Los Angeles. I think he has more job titles than I do...

Jason brought me some goodies and I did the same with his new Nike SB Dunk Hi "Mork and Mindy".

First time in a looong time been touring the old part of the city and talking about my city story. And realized I never do that. Theres so much inside Barcelona to discover sometimes friends come from other countries know more about it than I do.
I even read today the church I thought was just "some old church" was part of the old city roman wall from like the 4th century... I should get to know my city best to be a good tour guide.

About Estate LA, wanted to show the quality of this hat, the fave of the pack that Jason gave me away. Perforated suede with "LA" stiching.

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