viernes, septiembre 22, 2006

Willie Fog

Back home again. This time was Netherlands. I always arrive at the very late due I need to handle stuff in the morning. Holland is kind of one of a kind country when it comes to night life. I arrived to this city called Nardem-Bussum at around 23:30, and I just found 1 guy walking around, this car, and the cab driver. Nothing and no one else... Kind of freaks me out. Anyways, I have to say Holland is an amazing and beautiful city, super clean and relaxing... is just me Im not used to this much relax.

And time for meetings. Colleagues and homies from all over Europe. Top left clockwork: Arnaud, Seb and Bjorn, Kaspar,Martina, Agra and germany colleague, Cristiano and Martin. (Yeah now you all famous). As you can see in the back is the summer 07 product. Pixelated....

On my way back, besides sharing the flight with the number 1 politician that ruled this nation (Catalunya), saw the disturbing feet of a woman. Are those stigmas? What the hell happened to these feet???? Maybe been walking 78 days non stop?

Whatever it is, Im back home and ready for the weekend.

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