viernes, agosto 04, 2006

Super Thursday

Its incredible how a day can go from regular, to bad, to worst and then go back to good at night. Yeah, its been a long day.
Yesterday had one of the strangest afternoons in months, maybe years, but wont go into details because all of those are scary, smelly, crazy, amazing and disappointing at the same time.Some people still have the ability to amaze me. Craziest stories ever. And me being in the middle. Good that I have learnt to escape and evade from certain situations with style.
Anyways, today is been Natalie b-day. Natalie is Brown babies girl from L.Angeles living in New York. We have never met. Besides that, called her to give her the happy bday live from Spain. Hail cellphones in the modern world. I promised u a cake but couldnt make it. Anyways, this is not a Lupe Fiasco flirting blog so enough is enough for now about Nats bday.Get a blackberry service.

Ok, so today I saw the new Triumvir Tees, and I dont like them.
Saw the new Vans, dont like them.
Had dinner with some homies planning worldwide domination. Heard crazy hooligan stories. Good fun.
Saw a friend Nike collection with crazy shoes and loved some of them but hated some others. Got two "love movies" from my homies Julio and Buba house and left home walking from the upper side of the city to downtown. Lots of drunk people on my way home. Rich kids just get wasted so easy. I was ready to kill kill kill, murder murder murder.
Fuck booze. Straight edge til I die.

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