sábado, agosto 05, 2006

Hot vs. Wack PT1

Have you seen the movie "Friday"? So, remember when Chris Tucker says "Its friday n*gga!"? Well, with all my respects, this is the phrase to say today. The thing is, summer is so hot, that getting to finish the week and be able to hit the beach, have some skate or chill with the homies at the plaza, just makes you feel so good.
Ok, so its time to hate on some stuff. This summer its been a "class war". I mean that when you have so many things that you "might" like, or that "might" be ok... but for me, some things have just being "black or white", meaning love it or hate it. No grey area. This summer some stuff that could be like "whatever" have turned into love or hate relationships.
Here´s "Dedicated to my friends" august "Hot vs. Wack" list (PART 1).


1. Lonely nights
Watching TV, playing Xbox 360 (Ghost recon of course), chit chatting on the internet until my eyes die, doing whatever u want to do at home, eating cookies at night with a big glass or milk with chocolate, and going to sleep any time you want without caring about who´s sleeping is one of the coolest things nowadays over here. Well, and being able to invite people over...

2. The Shield
Just finished watching Season 4, which took me about 4 or 5 days due I was watching about 3 episodes a night. Best Tv Show I have ever seen. And no, "The wire" is not half as good as the Strike Team. And everyone knows it. And looks like Season 5 is "The begining of the end".... oh shit. Need season 5, 6, 7 and 8. "Lost" has been on my top list for weeks, so ey, we should delcare a tie between "Lost" and "the Shield"...

3. Honda Civic Type-R.
When it comes to cars. This car has been in my mind since I saw it in a cover of a mag in yellow. I had 2 Civic´s before (95 hatchback and 2000 coupe) and this one is on my wish list for sure. More than 200 hp coming from these japanese dudes making cars. Also, the design, finally, is amazing. Theres also this 140 hp 3 door hatchback coming real soon.

4. Violence
Problem solver. But with style. Any fighting technique doesnt count. So we need here some special moves like some neck-guillotine kick, or some flying fist. Some style going is a must.

Might be played out in L.A, but over here I will make bandanas hot in winter.

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