sábado, agosto 05, 2006

Saturday fun

My cameras are alive again. Yesterday´s afternoon had one session with Mr. Quentin de Briey and today went shooting with homie Chico Brenes. Chico is coolest thing from South America after Vida Guerra.
Its incredible I have had the same batteries in one of my flashes for months and flash still works wonders.... Some type of everlasting batteries? Im serious. Its been like 2 months and that flash has been used several sessions and still goes off like a champ. Magic.

Shot in two days about 2000 shots to get 2 really good sequences you should see any time soon in some mag somewhere (Hope so). Im back in biz gentlemen. My photo bag is ready to kill kill kill, murder murder murder.
Will be shooting with Chico and whoever left in this city these upcoming weeks. Its good everyone left on holidays. I will stay here til I leave around Spain in september for some other biz.

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