lunes, agosto 07, 2006

Thanks Rob,thanks Gabriel on an august monday

Rob, Alfie and Arnold are the heads behind "Thats Them" ( T-shirt brand from Chula Vista, Cali. Good printing quality and good cotton. Some T-Shirt companies just think cool graphics is enough but others invest on cool printing and good cotton tees too. Got two of their tees the other day. Thanks and Im reppin them to the fullest.
And well, what can I say about Mr. Urist that hasnt been said before? Dude just did this piece for New Era stores and got mine ready for summer. Thanks both.
Day had some ups and downs with some craze included. Found out I have been linked in a blog somewhere... thanks whoever thought this blog can be an interesting place to stop by and read daily diatribe.

Still hot over here.
And that "dealing with new people is still hard" thing I posted about last week...yeah, true. Now I found out that dealing with people you know from years is hard too.
Will have to find out how to deal with that.

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