miércoles, agosto 02, 2006

SNT x Erosion mag

Erosion magazine is doing an article about the promotional Dvd Nike SB Spain did on the skate spot "Sants" in Barcelona, for the release of the Team Edition Sants in may 2006. Being an idea that came out from...me, they did an interview to Enrique Mayor and...me, for their upcoming issue. Its strange to see me in pics when Im always behind the lens.
The promotional Dvd was given away at the shops in Barcelona that have SB account (TacTic, Trust Nobody and Free).
The article will talk about the fact of Sants being a worldwide known spot and the importance to do things for the local communities. Out anytime soon. This is the picture that will come with the article. And the shoes, you know the shoes. Best Team Editions ever.


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chaddypooh dijo...

thats an ILL ass bandana....