martes, abril 08, 2008

Training & Apple

Ok so I want to give a review to this wonder I got last week. The Time Capsule from Apple. I was kind of sceptical at the begining. I wondered "What is it? a hard disk to make it work with the Time Machine software from leopeard OS?"

Apple Time Capsule. 500 Gigs of pure madness. Wireless router. Hard disk. No cables. Again... NO CABLES. Nice and cool. This thing just sits next to my Imac with a single cable plugged in the power, the modem plugged in and I even plugged a printer to share the printer between the 2 computers at the office number 2.

You plug this thing and it appears in your desktop. fast and easy. Actually, REALLY easy. I try not to read Apple gadgets instructions and try to make it work without it. And usually it works...

The thing gets an update on firmware and thats it. You have 500 gigs to drop heavy files on, make backups, store porn... You name it. Best and easy gadget. I love it.

And all these old gadgets are gone and done now. A harddrive (150 gigs lameeeee) and a wireless router...all gone! Thanks Paco.

And in another shape, another toy for home. Gotta train my punches, soon the ninja in me will be back (It never left thou).

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