domingo, abril 06, 2008

Another week gone

Its been another week without posting anything.

Last post was my Panasonic meeting which went amazingly good. Big things in the works. That can only mean gadgets, and fun, and everything in between.

So I will post some of the stuff that went down this last week, and sorry for not posting, I think Im in a kind of depression for some reasons, and dont feel like posting, but every once in a while its all good, I get to update my friends around.

The one in the bbq is BUBA, you might remember him because hes in a lot of my posts. He's a friend, and a hustler. He just got the Sole Tech position as marketing guy at the new Sole Tech HQ in Barcelona. Congrats my friend. Now we are "enemies", but he just knows I will crush him in the battlefield. Ejem.
And yeah, the bbq was for my lady b-day. A full weekend of celebration and fun. Our first bbq in our house that turned to be great, and then we found out we couldnt do anything else because some neighbor complained and we got the warning from the janitor. Amazing. After that, a great hotel night and massage the morning after. This is how we do it!

The first "The Punisher" logo in's this thing called in english? Mushroom?

This is Ivan Vila, he killed the new Dogway video with one of the freshest video parts that has graced a spanish skate video in years. Here hes showing some present he got for his dedication.

And yeah, I have been going out a lot lately. Im usually a sofa king, but to be sincere, you can see and meet some "interesting" people at night. Whatever that means. And by the way, see and watch how fucked up people is. Fuck you all zombies.

See you soon. Can you see the "Wow, Im having so much fun" face?

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