sábado, marzo 22, 2008

Hipsters are everywhere

We have this epidemic everywhere, not just in NYC...

...meanwhile, eastern holidays. Taco dinner and crepe as dessert. WTF... this is holidays! Tomorrow escape from the city!

NOTE: Last episodes of O.C (Season 3) are getting kind of dark...Dark like Darth Vader dark. Buba and Jos say the 4th season is unwatchable, a piece of shit basically. Im not getting my hopes high yet, but Im checkinh real Newport on my next California trip (Real soon you asian couple, as soon as you get married and get a flat in SF Im staying some days).

Also, THE HUNDREDS, opened a new store in SF that looks like "The Goonies" last scenes, where they find the treasure and the pirate ship. I will email Bobby and ask him about his inspiration. Maybe he answers...

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