lunes, marzo 24, 2008


A little eastern surprise pack for me today. Chocolate and candy aswell as chocolate eggs (Not those ones you perverts). A lot of sun. Some walking, and some work.

As usual, in my holidays, theres always a little bit of videogames. These holidays its been "Army of two"s turn. I got this game from EA Spain, one of my sponsors and Im really happy about it. I know some of you are videogamers as well, so im going to give you the heads up on the game, as I have been playing quite some times these days:

-Its an arcade. A classic arcade where you see the charcater and all. No 1st person shooter.
-You also control another charcater, your buddy. Not "controL" like it sounds, more like hes doing his thing but you can give him orders.
-The weapons extremely suck at the begining. You have to earn money to be able to get better guns, and you can also tune them up to maximize stats like power, precision... This way to get better guns sucks for those who like me, like to be shooting like a maniac from the very begining.
-The enemies are somehow dumb. They just shoot and hide. They dont even pretend like they are thinking about killing you.
-The graphics are great, and the ambience is in irak and some other guerrilla like places.
-You only have like 3 granades. Which sucks, as I enjoy throwing a lot of granades when I play these types of games.
-Recording your progress. I cant save my position as I get deeper and deeper in the game. Something is wrong with the game or with my PS3 or this crap doesnt save every mission I complete.
Anyways, the game is allright, but I still prefer Call of Duty 4 (Which I already finished).
More to come about games.

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